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October 15, 2021

New Features & Improvements Coming Soon

  • Client-side logging enhancements to effectively capture logs on user’s device. This will help and improve troubleshooting and more effectively catch the root cause of an issue. Target release in December.
  • Modern Auth implementation for Microsoft email accounts. We will add support for modern authentication for Microsoft email accounts in Connectel. Target release in December.
  • Dialer enhancements. We are happy to announce 4 dialer improvements. Target release in December.
  1. Recall me feature for Preview campaigns will use same dialing method that is set on the campaign.
  2. Added option for Agents to choose which campaign the recall me call should be added to.
  3. Added option to allow agents to perform dialer Preview calls even in pause status.
  4. Added notification popup for Agent before Preview call is scheduled.
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